Join the Movement

Saturday, January 12th, beginning at 10 am at the Lou Ruvo Brain Center for Health, we will be hosting the Second Annual Movement Fair. This is a huge move forward for us (do not pardon that pun), and, we hope, the entire Southern Nevada PD community.

As most in the PD community know, movement is both the issue and the best elixir when it comes to management. But beyond the mechanical meaning of the word, there’s the social impact - and that’s where we hope to touch hearts, change minds and move people who have needs toward the places and people that can help them.

As I wrote last week, Day One is our mission here - helping bring those who have been diagnosed out of the shadows of fear into the community of activity, compassion and opportunity is one of the best services we can provide. We are continuing to evolve what this offering will look like and how exactly all can take part.

Day One of this new community, in many ways, starts on Saturday, January 12th. We will share some of the best we have to offer in the world-class facility that is Lou Ruvo Brain Center for Health and, most importantly, engage with one another to figure out how we can all be better together.

— Robert Cochrane

Parkinson's Place