Never Give Up!


In my New Years, list of ten tips for living well number two is, Never, give up!  I have used the mantra of Never Ever Give Up for many years.  In a sales career spanning over thirty years I have taken my share of no’s.  Being told no is not generally a fun thing, however, no’s only makes yes’s that much more exciting.  The Mantra of never giving up took a different meaning with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.  As a care partner the news changed my plans for our future, it did not end them.

As you may know Parkinson’s is not a death sentence, it is a life sentence, yes, it is life changing, depressing, and can take you to a dark place.  Going to a dark place could be the beginning of giving up.  Don’t do that!  With your care partner, and those that are part of your village create a method to help keep spirits up and motivated.  At, PPLV we speak a lot about living well and being active.  Exercise, something that you like and will do, is the greatest prescription for Parkinson’s.  Stress, no, it has to go.  Playing with your children or grandkids, yes, a big yes! Establish a routine for taking your medication on time, it’s all about being on and kicking off time to the curb.

And then, remember, everyone’s journey is different, it’s your Parkinson’s, a buffet of experiences.  Call for help if needed, but never, ever give up.  Live your best, be your best, do your best!

  -Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place