When first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, most everyone goes through a lot of emotions:  

Disbelief.  Anger. Anxiety. Grief.  Fear.  Confusion.  This is completely normal.  

After all, when most people think of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), they think of Michael J. Fox or Muhammad Ali and their tremors. It may look scary. But it's not a death sentence.  

Everyone experiences PD differently.  Be careful self-diagnosing. The Internet has some very good information, but you may find more scary stories than positive ones. That’s just one of the reasons we’re glad to have you here - we’ll always be realistic and positive. 

There are powerful things you can do to take control of your situation right away.  Becoming familiar with the disease is very important; talking to your Movement Disorder Specialist or Neurologist and other people with PD is also very helpful. We’ve found some of the most inspirational, friendly and funny people we’ve ever met in the PD community. 

One incredibly important thing you can do is fight back with an exercise program. Exercise is the one clinically proven thing you can do to slow the disease down. Exercising with a community of people with PD will help you build strong friendships and keep you out of isolation.

Parkinson’s Place Las Vegas has a great local community of support here in Las Vegas. We have personal relationships with medical experts at the Lou Ruvo Center/Cleveland Clinic, UNLV and many other facilities.    

Please make this site a virtual home. It’s your place, too. Read and watch our stories, then please share yours, too. Lean into our resources and let us know if you are looking for something you don’t see listed.  We know we’re stronger together and we’re here for you.

The Parkinson’s Place Team