Silver Linings

As I contemplate DBS surgery in just two days, I wonder, what will the other side look like? What will be my new normal? In the words of my husband, what is Cidney 2.0 be like?  I don’t know, but I’m anxious to find out.

We’ve all heard the term, silver linings.  Events or circumstances that may initially be devastating, can eventually be found to have silver linings.  So many people I know with Parkinsons, and other conditions or circumstances, have found that through their challenges, disappointments, heartaches, they have eventually found something, a silver lining, that has buoyed them up and helped them to find joy, even in a tough situation.  

Last weekend was busy. Having a fundraising event just days before major surgery was weighing on my mind.  I knew the weekend would be great, but I also know how tired I can get.  But Saturday night after all was said and done and I had enough energy to sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching Christmas with the Kranks, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude. People too numerous to individually acknowledge here have selflessly supported me in so many different ways. My concern about having a busy weekend before major surgery was washed away.  That feeling of gratitude literally washed away any fears or reservations I was having.  I felt on top of the world. Parkinson’s stinks sometimes, actually, a lot. But oh how blessed I have been to have become connected with people who as the saying goes “have my back”.

My hope for all my fellow PWP is that you can find your silver lining. If you’re lonely and struggling right now, get out and get involved. Join an exercise class, a support group, or anything that will get you active and moving. If its hard to get out, reach out to someone who can help you. Never give up hope, somewhere in the crazy fog of Parkinsons there is a silver lining. Go out and find it 

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