Who is Parkinson's Place Las Vegas?

It’s a fair question. If you look on our bios, you’ll see some top-level information about our career work, how we’re connected to Parkinson’s (PD), maybe even a personal accomplishment we’re proud of. And while that gives you part of the picture, it doesn’t give you the collective.

We came together out of needs - many of them related to the lack of connections in our community. We stumbled into each other at events that were happening, often impressed by each other’s stories, talents and passions. We’d often share information on what we heard about happening in other communities across the country and world. Then we began to ask, why doesn’t Las Vegas have that?

As Ghandi famously said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”.

The PPLV founders live that. We are here to connect, engage and refresh this community of Southern Nevadans affected by PD. We need to hear from you - so please engage on our forum and share your story. From the person who just got diagnosed to the individual whose been managing ever-changing symptoms for over 20 years; from the exercise practitioner to the decorated specialist who leads research that will some day find a cure; from the loving care partner to the person who wonders “what’s next?” - we’re all here.

We don’t have all the answers - no one does. But we do have the passion, perspective from many directions and unending desire to do whatever we can to make life better for all of those affected by PD here in Southern Nevada.

So who is Parkinson’s Place Las Vegas? It’s all of us.

We thank you for being here and are excited to build this community together with you.

— written by Robert Cochrane

Parkinson's Place