Happy 10th Anniversary to Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health!

Vegas is known for many things: drinking, gambling, excess - things that some people call sins. One thing Vegas has not been known for, historically, is its medical facilities.

I remember seeing the Frank Gehry designed metal monstrosity for the first time back in 2009; Twisted, massive and, frankly, ugly. But an eye catcher? You betcha.

Former Mayor Oscar Goodman told the somewhat known story at the July 11th 10-year anniversary of how Gehry came up with the design for the building: by crumpling a piece of paper, giving it a toss then looking at it’s odd form and saying: “That’s it”. When you’re Frank Gehry, that’s called process.

The importance of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health can’t be overstated. The now well-developed Symphony Park was an empty lot 12 years ago. When people in Vegas used to look for the nearest hospital for conditions like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s, the place to start was McCarran Airport.

Now, not only is there a place to be seen, but it’s a place where new discoveries are being found. Their stated goal is to have cures come through that building. Ambitious to be sure - but the absolute right mindset in driving the energy and inspiration needed to make that craziness come true.

I’ve had the fortune of working with many wonderful people from the Lou Ruvo Center - including (but not limited to!) Ruth Almen, Nicole Wolf, Jenny Nguyen, Kelly Papesh, Meagan Jensen, Kat Hartley, Dr. Brent Bluett, Dr. Dylan Wint and Dr. Zoltan Mari. I’ve found them all to be caring, dedicated and fearless in their approach to the future - even against a sometimes fearful foe.

Here’s to 10 more - unless they’re actually so good at what they do that they complete their ultimate journey (cure!) and turn the place into Vegas’ newest Night Club. I know we’d all raise one up to that.

— written by Robert Cochrane

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