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I am Co-Owner of a local competitive improvisational comedy group called, “ComedySportz”. As we like to say, we’re not comedy about sports, we’re comedy played as a sport.

Why does this matter to you, dear PPLV readers? A couple of reasons:

1) The value of laugher, as I wrote about last week, is undeniably important for our general health, PD or not.

2) ComedySportz is running a March Madness Improvisational Tournament next month that benefits Parkinson’s Place Las Vegas.

Let’s back this thing up for a moment just to clarify a few things:

What do I mean by competitive? We have two teams playing short form improvisational games head to head for the audiences laughter and votes.

What is improvisation? Making stuff up. It can be incredibly funny when done well.

And Comedy…as I mentioned, if you don’t know the value of it already, we’ve got to get you giggling for your own good.

This tournament is being pitched to many local businesses here in Las Vegas to get them in and playing with us. They will learn some great communication skills to help them work together better - as that’s a proven benefit of improvisation. And they’ll be part of a larger community, serving a greater good and helping connect us, one and all - because as we so often say, we’re better together.

So what can you do? You can put a team together and grab a slot - there are only eight available so move fast! Teams are a minimum of three people, but we suggest at least six to make sure you have enough comet the day of the tournament. That number will also help your practices become more dynamic. Contact me at ComedySportz, either by email: or phone: 702-623-2700 for more information.

Lastly - share the flyer with your friends and businesses you think might be interested and save the date on your calendar so you can have some fun with us.

See you there!

Written by Robert Cochrane

Parkinson's Place