One in A Million

Being part of the Parkinson’s community is complicated. On one hand it pushes you to overcome obstacles you thought were impossible, and these accomplishments become a source of great pride. But all the while the disease is stealing pennies every day that soon adds up to dollars, to put it bluntly, having Parkinson’s sucks. It was not my first choice of retirement activities, I was thinking something more along the lines of shuffleboard or Wii bowling, not fighting an incurable disease, but here I am.

I am amazed every time I go to the gym how normal this crazy Parkinson’s world can seem, it is truly a testament to the amazing people I box with. But behind every amazing boxer is a struggle that only those living with the disease can understand, and it is never as simple as a tremor. Yet, we stand before the world living happy, healthy, and productive lives, we are living life in it’s purest form, day by day, Parkinson’s is not defining who we are, we are defining Parkinson’s.

 Greg O’Keefe is defining Parkinson’s by participating in Spartan races. Bill Sekly is defining Parkinson’s by going snow skiing and I myself still ride motocross (not too well I might add) and all others in between, have chosen to live with Parkinson’s rather than cower in fear, WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE BRAVE, WE ARE ROCK STEADY!

Mark Hitechew

Parkinson's Place