Sharing Your Gifts


Pablo Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”  As the ninth tip to living well in 2019 is to find a way to share your gifts.  The opportunity that we have to meet people with Parkinson’s here in Las Vegas and share our experiences is a great gift.  The pure willingness to share and give back to the community has been an inspirational experience. 

 We have seen and benefited from people with Parkinson’s sharing their gifts.  A gift can be talents such as artistic, culinary, written, time, listening, and volunteering.  Here in Las Vegas, many people with Parkinson’s are living well today by sharing their gift, their gift of giving of their time and talents. 

 One Person with Parkinson’s in Las Vegas who has found a new gift after her diagnosis is Cheryl Hayes Vaughn.  Her clever and informative videos on YouTube have been a source of inspiration that is bringing a face to Parkinson’s.

 From the East, West, North, and South all across this great valley People with Parkinson’s share.  If you have a gift you are wanting to share or to find an outlet, Parkinson’s Place Las Vegas is wanting to help.  Our mission is to leave no person with Parkinson’s behind.  We are better together.  Together we can bring light to the lives of people with Parkinson’s their care partners and families.  Let’s shine together!

-Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place