People Who Move change the World!

Join Me, I am walking for the one million Americans with Parkinson’s disease. Join me, because people who move change the world!

This is just ONE of the social media posts you can use when you sign up to be part of the Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day Walk! Have you been before? Did you get to Las Vegas’ FIRST EVER Moving Day Walk last year? We had a great turnout, raised some money, and had a really good time together.

People came with their kids with their pets, with their lunch…and lots of courage. I have to say, I love Walk events like this. Not only is the Walk cool, but it gives you an opportunity to educate people about Parkinson’s for MONTHS, but you also get to help raise money for needed services in the community. (If you don’t know about their Community Grants, just ask). You also come out and make a statement to those who are still embarrassed and afraid of living with Parkinson’s - that their is life to be had and things that make life worth living. That is no small thing to do. Even if people never come to a Walk, the fact that WE walked, and it hit the media and they heard about it - people know they are not alone.

So, join us. Sign up now! Kick off your fundraising during Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April! If you aren’t sure you want to create a team, join mine! Ruth Almen, Lou Ruvo Center. I’d love to have you.

Here’s my page, but play around on the website if you want to make your own team. And look for an invite coming this summer to come to a Walk Kick Off Event. Ruth Almen’s Moving Day Page

Thanks for being out there, and remember, as my friend Christina says “Motion is Lotion!”

Parkinson's Place