One In a Million

As I stated last week, my life with Parkinson’s is complicated, in many ways it frustrates the hell out of me. Things that were once easy are difficult, and the difficult stuff is down right impossible. That’s the downside, but luckily, I don’t have to look too far to see the silver lining. I recently made a decision    that has changed my life and hopefully will benefit others, I am now a volunteer at Rock Steady Boxing in Green Valley helping with the level 3&4 boxers.  

One of the things I like most at Rock Steady Boxing is the amazing support I receive from my fellow boxers. Without their friendship my outlook on life would be quite different, I never feel alone, I will   forever be grateful for their love. That is a very long way to say I felt compelled to give back to a program I owe so much to. I want the level 3&4 boxers to feel the same support I feel when I step into the gym. So, I have made myself the unofficial cheerleader for RSBGV LEVEL 3&4 program. No pom poms, or high leg kicks, just me and my big mouth, no megaphone required.

We tend to gravitate to those who are most like ourselves, so the level 1&2 boxers’ group together and sadly enough the 3&4s’ get left out somewhat, something I will work to change on a personal level. Today I had an amazing talk with, we will call him Joe (because that’s his name) about his career, a very interesting conversation that would have never taken place under normal circumstances when I am there to box. We then teamed up during class and his efforts were inspiring.

Is it worth the time? You tell me, he thanked me numerous times for being there and his wife asked if they could take me home (I told them I had too much baggage), both were very thankful for the support. I wish I could take credit for Joe’s performance, but it was all Joe with just a little help from his friend the cheerleader. I am thankful for this opportunity and hope that somewhere in my future there is some loud month guy with Parkinson’s telling me how great I am doing, I would like that.          

By Mark Hitechew

Parkinson's Place