Be Still


Welcome to week 10 of the top ten ways to living well with a chronic disease.  I have spent the last ten weeks of the new year 2019 sharing thoughts and insights of being a care partner to a person with Parkinson’s. 

This week’s tip is to “be still”.  In this instance of Being Still I will take the approach of taking time for yourself.  There comes a time when even though it’s “Not About Me” you need to take some time and just Be Still and listen to your inner self.  I am not really good at taking time for such things as meditation or Yoga, however, zoning out and just resting and allowing my mind to be free, I’m really good at that. 

My PWP is extremely good at taking time for meditation and Yoga to relax and Be Still.  She is always telling me to try mediation, I know she is right because I see the benefits it gives to her.  She is one that looks at life with the attitude that her glass is always full and in a great state of mindfulness. 

Living well as a care partner is vital to having a healthy relationship.  Taking time to just Be Still can help you when in your moments of frustration for whatever reason, you can take pause and remember the what and why of being a care partner.  Allowing time for pause and contemplation can be in the moment as well as over time.  We have made great plans for our summer travels because of moments of zoning out and what if thinking. 

Be Still, listen to your inner being, or just chill after all “It’s Not About Me, But Maybe it Should Be”.

-Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place