This week was a big week for me Parkinson’s wise, I found a new Neurologist and I started the process of going out on disability. Both are big deals in my small world but for entirely different reasons, one allows me to form a new relationship, the other allows me to enjoy the one I already have.

First my new neurologist, I won’t name names, but he was a shot in the dark, and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Why was I pleased, he was engaged, took his time and most of all made eye contact, all the traits my wife was looking for in a Neurologist. I know that sounds funny but the truth is it’s her doctor too, weather we like it or not, we are taking this journey together and we both need to feel good with the choice.

We discussed medication options and it was comical the back and fourth between the doctor and I. He explained the upside and downside to each and then asked me,” Levodopa or Ropinirole, no wrong answer”. I felt like I was on Let’s Make a Deal, not knowing what to do. Do I pick door number one or door number two? Then after I would not commit to either one, he said, “due to your relatively young age I recommend Ropinirole ER. And that my friends, is why I like my new doctor, anyone who uses “young” in a reference to me gets two thumbs up.

Starting the process to go out on disability stirs many emotions, some of failure and others with excitement. As I said last week, I have been living in denial, so filing the paperwork feels like a home loss, it is truly an admission that I am sick. But every cloud has a silver lining and I did not have to look too hard to find mine. More time with my wife, family, traveling, and of course boxing gets me excited.

My life has taken a turn I never imagined, or wanted, but that will not stop me from making as many memories with those I love. Whether we like it or not we will be remembered for our life with Parkinson’s, and I want to be remembered just the way I am.       

Written by Mark Hitechew

Parkinson's Place