Making Friends With Fatigue


Fatigue, everyone has it from time to time, but for people with Parkinson’s, fatigue is just another reminder of the disease that keeps on giving.  Making friends with fatigue is a way to acknowledge it and then take it head on in a fight to find a way to get rid of this symptom.  My person with Parkinson’s has always said that fatigue is like when you need to drive to San Diego but run out of gas in Barstow.  In the Davis Phinney Foundation “Every Victory Counts Manuel “by Monique Giroux and Sierra Farris they write,

“Fatigue is a common symptom of Parkinson’s, but can also be caused by other problems, which you should consider as part of the big picture. Heart problems, diabetes, thyroid disease, depression, cancer, lung disease, anemia, sleep apnea and medication side effects are just a few medical problems that can also cause fatigue. Eating smaller meals more frequently, having a bit of caffeine midday and exercising can diminish fatigue. Pay attention to how you feel, and give yourself time to revive with “down time.”

So, not to prolong this because I’m getting tired, fatigue can be treated.  But being friends with it?  No, not really, but being aware of what you have to do to be proactive is key. Plan your work, and work your plan.  #EveryVictoryCounts

 -Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place