Are you ready?

This upcoming Monday is a ‘high holy day’ in the life of my summer camp staff alumni. Are you ready? Will you get ready? It’s……

March 4th larger.PNG

A long time ago, (don’t all great mythic stories stat like that?) my old camp director, Rev. Cy Warmanen told us this was a day that called us to do something. Now, of course that was to do something good. He and his wife baptized their oldest son on that day, which also happened to be Easter Sunday.

So now my friend’s and I check in with each other on this day - “what did you do that was special?” It really comes down to our thinking about someone else on this day, and how we could possibly be helpful. This group of folks is pretty epic in their kindness and thoughtfulness to begin with - but it’s fun to have our own Holiday to share and encourage each other.

So what about you? Got plans? Got ideas? The day before I will MARCH in Portland, OR with my friends for Women’s rights. It will feel like a bit of a pilgrimage and I hold the thought of loved ones alive and dead, and those in need close to my heart when I MARCH, giving thanks, too, for those who have sacrificed for me to have the rights I do.

So make some plans with me! And maybe your thing you do is ask for some help that you need! Have you been putting off a phone call to someone? Who needs to hear the sound of your beautiful voice? Or see your smile at their door? Or receive a Facebook message that makes them inappropriately laugh out loud? Who do you see that could use that hug or a high five or hand squeeze?

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I believe in us!

Ruth Almén

Parkinson's Place