Search For Silver Linings


Week eight of the ten tips for living well in 2019 is to “search for silver linings”.  Finding the good in inevitable circumstances that otherwise could go unnoticed.  Back in December we published a blog writing on Silver Linings.  In this blog Cidney wrote about the overwhelming sense of gratitude as she was entering into her DBS surgery.  She later found that with an altering of plans she found many more silver linings. 

 With our diagnosis of Parkinson’s, we all know that we are evolving and open to the changes to routines and the challenges that can come from this.  Life changed, our abilities are adjusting, and it is not always pleasant.  However, who we are, our core, has not.  When we look for the positive, find the ways we can help ourselves and others, silver linings (the part of life that you can make yourself) can easily find their way to you, as well as to the ones that make up your village. 

 To quote my PWP (Cidney) from here December blog post, “My hope for all my fellow PWP is that you can find your silver lining. If you’re lonely and struggling right now, get out and get involved. Join an exercise class, a support group, or anything that will get you active and moving. If it’s hard to get out, reach out to someone who can help you. Never give up hope, somewhere in the crazy fog of Parkinson’s there is a silver lining. Go out and find it”

 In 2019 we are promoting living well, finding your silver linings can create for you a year to remember!

 -Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place