"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me."

Does your spouse say…Stay out of the garage? Stay out of the kitchen? These are sometimes the responses of our family members. In that frustration to be banned from such areas causing us loss of interest, loss of friends, loss of love, loss of life. Instead you will have to insist and insist some more that you take small steps of control. Safety always comes first. But you can do this with comrades and serious family members. For safety, concentrate on each move and why you move in such a way as to compensate for the resistance of a dropped spoon, a nail, or a game piece. When you reach at the kitchen table caress that fork with you and your nourishing food in mind. Lovingly touch the fork with your thumb and your medial forefinger and hold it with value until it reaches up to your lips and open wide for that strawberry surrounded with whipped cream.

Similarly, when you stand at the door of the garage concentrate on those feet. Do you have your feet planted and are they pointed in the direction of that dartboard you are eyeing. If not, that is a perfect place to start. With your feet pointed in the direction of something that has captured your interest. Now, the rest of you to the top of your head is fixed and ready for movement. Your specific intention motivates you and I and all of us to continue on a journey of getting our needs and wants met and therefore, self-fulfillment.

If someone shadows you during these types of experiences look back to see how far you have come. Did you strike the yellow line or the red circle of the bull’s-eye?

In all this you have not given up. You are on your way to success in life and your freedom. You do not have to be silent, a passenger longing to be heard. Un-violated and authentic, you are on this trip called life.

-Poem by Susan Mitchell (PWP)

Parkinson's Place