It's a new dawn..It's a new day...It's a new life...

I’ve recently asked numerous people what their New Years Resolutions (NYR) are and they all responded with, “I don’t make those.”  It’s true, NYR have gotten a bad rap for being very short lived but I think any positive change in your mindset to make better of yourself and your life is a good thing. I like to think of NYR as long-term goal setting. I make a lot of short-term goals and create extremely detailed schedules to ensure I achieve those goals and I think 365 days allows for an objective analysis on where you went right and where you went wrong in the long run.

All of us fall off track sometimes, that’s a given. How long you remain diverted is what determines your goal achieving success. After self-reflecting on 2018 I noticed some very bad business decisions I made that stunted the trajectory of my original goal I made last January. Yet, I’m glad I originally set this goal and I am closer today than I was then, but a few wrong turns took me on the beaten path. This path is where lessons are learned and I’m fortunate I am aware of these shortcoming so history doesn’t repeat itself. 

Although I don’t have PD, I still have my highs and lows. I work with PWP and I see their highs and lows as well. Parkinson’s increases apathy so in order to take action you need to start somewhere. Figure out the 1 thing in your life that will make living with Parkinson’s a little easier and visualize that every day. Make 2019 your year!

-Darbe Schlosser

Parkinson's Place