Family and Friends

I have just landed in LA from a wonderful trip to Europe. I am blessed to have family and dear friends there and relish the moments I get to spend with them. We spent time in Berlin and the Netherlands. We visited my husband’s childhood friend for New Years in Holland. The Dutch start preparing for New Years with fireworks going off all day and we’ll into the night. They have amazing shows of light. On the 1st we headed over to a small cabin in the Dutch countywide, where we met my brother-in laws and their families. No TV, no distraction, except for love and laughter.

I am one of the youngest of 9 children and at 58, I am seeeing my family age. As mentioned, previously, my oldest brother has PD, I have one sister that is riddled with RA and a sister-in-law, dealing with young on set dementia. I made a commitment long ago to be healthy and fit and realize now just how important this is to my aging family. We are not guaranteed anything in life, especially our health and the time we get to share with family and friends.

My resolve this year, is to spend as much time with my family and close friends. They are the ones that make me laugh until it hurts, know me as well as I know them and love each other unconditionally. Although the distance to my EU family is far, my US family is close enough to make the time to visit. I think we sometimes believe that we will have time down the line, but as most of you know, the time is now.

Be with those you love, and laugh until it hurts….

Parkinson's Place