One in A Million

I heard a conversation on my way out of Rock Steady Boxing in Green Valley today that really hit a chord with me. A simple statement “there are one million people in the U.S. with Parkinson’s” gave me the title for my new blog, get this “ONE IN A MILLION”. I hope to share my thoughts and hopefully entertain and enlighten those who fight the good fight against Parkinson’s and those who support us in our fight, I hope you enjoy.

I was asked a simple question today at boxing by a fellow boxer, “why are you not on medication?”. I answered the question honestly,” because I am stupid”, but it is more complicated than that. The truth is I have been living in denial, my refusal to take dopamine replacement was based on the fact that “I” was going to beat this or at least bring it to a draw. I have willed my way through many tough times, why should this be any different.

There are two levels of acceptance when dealing with Parkinson’s. The first is accepting that you have the disease, for me that was the easy part. I cried and then cried some more and finally saw what I was doing to my wife and said enough. No amount of crying and self-pity was going to change a thing, as they say, it is what it is.

The next level of acceptance is the tough one, you must accept as much as you ignore, or work your butt off in the gym this disease is a beast, it never sleeps and it eats 24/7. I have now come to an agreement with my opponent, it will win but not until I quit breathing. I have accepted that my life will evolve and I will stand toe to toe with this beast taking its best shot day after day, and that fight begins with dopamine replacement.

Written by Mark Hitechew

Parkinson's Place