The Gift of Exercise

I read an interesting article the other day by Derek Severs about finding happiness by constantly seeking additions rather than subtractions. It was very interesting because so many times when we find ourselves in a place where we feel stuck we automatically assume we must need something else, something more, something new. Instead of realizing that maybe happiness is on our left and to get there we need to reduce and minimize.

I find myself in this viscous cycle quite often but then I stay true to my mission which reminds me of quality over quantity. Not just in business but in my personal life. During the holidays this is especially true. People go into debt by showering their friends and family with gifts they don’t need. The next year is then spent working harder with more stress to pay off the xbox that was only played for a couple weeks or to pay for the newest coolest toy which has now become last years news. Take some time this holiday to buy yourself something that will last a lifetime… The gift of exercise! Self care is the best care and minimizing stress is the first step.

Written by: Darbe Schlosser

Parkinson's Place