Food for Thought or Thought For Food

Food for Thought

The Holidays are here and I for one find this my favorite month of the year.  Although my kids are in their twenties, I still don’t put presents out until Christmas Eve, have a cookie and a glass of milk waiting by Santa, and I sleep by the tree, the way my parents, did when I was young.  And the food, from whole-made sourdough waffles to start the day out, to prime rib dinner with all the fixings and finished by my famous chocolate souffles.  It is all wonderful and I never worry about indulging just that one day.

Frequently, indulging begins with Thanksgiving and runs right through New Year’s and that is how we can gain 1-5 lbs, if we aren’t making as many good choices as possible.   I am a health and wellness coach and the first thing I help my clients with is being conscious when they are eating.  Much of the time are hands and our mouths seem to go off on their own, while we chat with friends at a holiday party, cook, watch TV or play video games.  Then, whoops, where did that whole bowl of dip go?   Give eating the attention it needs to fully enjoy your food and be mindful of every bite. Eating without distraction can help you better recognize when you are full.

Here are 9 additional strategies for healthy eating over the holidays:

1.  Bring a health dish to a holiday party – then you know you will have something you can indulge in.

2.  Eat the healthiest food first.  This helps you get full on the good stuff, leaving less room for the not-so-good.

3.  If your planning to go holiday shopping, don’t go hungry.

4.  Eat breakfast.  Studies show we eat less during the day with a healthy breakfast.

5.  Limit the number of high calorie food on your plate.

6.  Before you splurge, do something healthy – Exercise! 

7.  Go for the smaller size plates. 

8.  Choose you indulgences.  Wait until everything has been served and pick a few of the things you absolutely love. 

9.  When at a party or family gathering, stand as far from the food table as possible making it more difficult for hands and mouth to go on a rebellion.

 Above all, enjoy this time with you families and friends. 


Martie Vlcek



Parkinson's Place