Living Well in 2019


Well, here we go, Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!  How was your year?  As a care partner to a person with Parkinson’s I look back over the year and I smile.  I smile because of the many highs and lows experienced this year both personally and as a partner to a PWP.  My smile is big because the highs were so high I can’t even think of the low points.

 Looking forward to the new year with all its wonder and excitement with new breakthroughs in research and treatments we all have a lot to look forward to.  I have come across a list that I would like to share that provides 10 Tips for Living Well with a Chronic Illness in the New Year!  I really like number one…everyone needs to remember that one!  Here you go…

 1.Take care of yourself first.

2. Never, never, never give up.

3. Be honest about how you are feeling.

4. Enroll in the School of Whatever Works.

5. Make friends with fatigue.

6. Live as a child.

7. Step out of the box.

8. Search for silver linings.

9. Find a way to share your gifts.

10. Be Still.

Happy New Year! 

-Pat Donahoo

Parkinson's Place