After 5 plane trips we were finally headed to our final destination -Berlin.  We boarded our flight from Amsterdam right on time.  Then the captain announced we were grounded due to fog in Berlin for an hour and half.  We had the most amazing flight attendant that against customs rule delivered champagne and beer in a barf bag..

Yes in a bag!   We finally took off!  Then it happened the Captain announced some sad news.  The airport where we were supposed to land closed due to noise concerns.  We were being diverted to another Berlin Airport.  That didn’t sound to bad until we landed.  The airport was not ready for the 7 flights that had been diverted.  There we sat on the tarmac,  far from the airport as two buses worked overtime to empty the planes.

Here is where patience was tested.  I watched a  very angry woman tear through the plane and into the face of the nicest flight attendants and scream at them to stop apologizing and just do something.  A man behind me wouldn’t let anyone past him to use the bathroom for risk he would get off the plane quickly.  Mind you,  we weren’t going anywhere and when we did it would just be to a bus.  Others moved their luggage to the front in hopes of being the first ones off the plane and crowding the apologetic staff.

I used to be those people…worried about everything, stressed beyond belief. Then I met all of you, strangely and amazingly working towards our humanity. We come from so many spectrums on this journey. I come as a partner, that doesn’t have PD but love each of you because we came together for this fight, whichever side we are on. I looked at all those stressed out people and for once I just sat there and smiled. We aren’t going any where faster or slower then the rest, we just choose to enjoy the ride.

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