What’s on Your Bucket List?

It’s all about the people.

One of the best things about teaching dance for those with Parkinson’s disease is the amazing people you meet.  Sometimes the men can be a bit hesitant about giving a dance class a try, but for those who do they soon discover that the class is accessible to everyone and much fun.  Doing movement that can make you feel better is always a big plus, but the love, camaraderie and support for one another is what keeps people coming back to class.

I have found that sometimes the toughest challenges can bring out the best in us.

In Las Vegas I teach a Dancing with Parkinson’s class at three locations. However, earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to WI and bring my work, Dancing with Parkinson’s, to a small rural community.  Before arriving I asked what type of music did they like.  Anything by Ronnie Milsap was the response.  Moving to music you enjoy does make a difference.  When “No Gettin’ Over Me” came on in class, what a transformation in how people stepped out and balanced in their walks.  Music and dance movement can bring much joy.  

 Us dance folks like to stay in touch.

Over the years, I hear from many people (or their family) who have taken my classes.  Richard was one of the participants in my WI class and occasionally I hear how Richard is doing through his son Jeff.  These two are a team.  They are a Dynamic Duo. 

People with PD can inspire us.

I have been putting off making my bucket list. But it is never to late. Richard, from WI, just put his wish out there and, his son Jeff heard his Dad loud and clear and put the wheels in motion.  I have included the link to the article about this “Dynamic Duo,” (Richard and Jeff Gendron) and their adventure in fulfilling a wish on Richard’s bucket list.  https://www.wisconsinagriculturist.com/farm-life/wisconsin-men-cross-mighty-mac-antique-tractors?fbclid=IwAR28HzhoCmwt510J_Ep6kps91e_2D1mzsqtUpf6r9BOHpGIEHsb-MWHUCTI

 So my question to you is: “What is on your bucket list?” 

Pick one thing, talk about it with family and friends and make it happen.  Share your wishes in the forum. We want to get to know you.  Live your life as much as you can with passion and smiles.  Take a dance class, a boxing class, sing and share your life with others.  Remember…

 We are all in this together.

 About the writer: Pamela (Pam) Lappen is trained in the Dance for PD® teaching method and she has been a member of the international organization since 2011. She has taught dance for Parkinson’s in Las Vegas and Southern CA. Along with accomplishments as a professional dancer, choreographer and educator, Lappen holds a M.A. from UCLA in Dance and Education and a B.F.A. from UW-Milwaukee in Dance and Theatre Performance.

Pam offers Dancing with Parkinson’s classes at Nevada Ballet Theatre, Las Vegas Dance Academy and H2u Mountain View.  For more information on her classes contact: DancingwithParkinsons.us@gmail.com or call: (805) 640-5221What’s on Your Bucket List?


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