The evidence is clear we need to exercise!  Having a movement disorder like Parkinson’s Disease only makes moving more important.   Forced intense exercise has proven to reduce symptoms and progression of the disease.  What is “forced intense exercise”?  It is when you are in a group or personal training environment that pushes you beyond your perceived limitations.   Think about the times you have walked in your gym, thrown in your earphones, got on your bike or treadmill, and ride or walk at a pace you feel is getting your exercise done.   But ask yourself: is this all I got?  Forced intense exercise is when a coach or personal trainer, believes in you and pushes you further then you thought possible in a safe environment.  In a group setting, it’s not only the coaches that push you, but you are surrounded with peers who also encourage and cheer you on. 

I believe that the group environment is so important because it provides so much more than the exercise itself.  At Rock Steady Boxing Green Valley, our classes are designed to reach the body, mind and soul of our fighters.  We exercise the body, through a 90- minute workout that directly correlates to the symptoms of the diseases.  We stretch, use voice activation, work on gait and agility.   Then we box.  This requires hand/eye coordination, speed, balance and symmetry.   We also do strength training and functional training.  We reach the mind by building confidence, pride and allowing the boxer to fight back.  Through a community of boxers, that support, encourage and share their amazing hearts, we touch the soul. 

If boxing isn’t for you, that is fine, but find a group to support and motivate you and push you pass what you believe is possible.   Please check out the resources page to find some available group programs. 

Written by Martie Vlcek

Parkinson's Place