Voting, fighting and exercising

Voting can become a stressful task. Election Day was upon us yesterday. There’s so much emphasis that was put on this election. I don’t want to get political on this post. So why am I mentioning Election Day?

Stress itself is a trigger for my symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. The most visible primary symptom that I have is tremor. The majority of the time it’s well under control. There I am in middle of the line in a crowded room. During this moment all that I want to do is remain still and being perceived to be normal. As we all know the more you try to hide symptoms the more noticeable they become. Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like an eternity. I was filled with anxiety and could feel my heart beating - not because of the election, but because of being put in an uncomfortable position.

To help me cope with this, I focus on my breathing and listen to music through my headphones. Anxiety can keep anyone down, even those who are perceived to be in control. For some People With Parkinson’s (PWP), when we feel like this, it makes us not want to do much. Being in the comfort of your own home becomes a sanctuary.

Part of me buys into this emotional cloud and the other half of me remembers “WHY” I fight. Next comes fatigue, Am I tired from a long day or this is just an excuse? Regardless of what this is, I decide to the best thing to do is stand my ground and fight back.

Yesterday, my battle was just to vote. Parkinson’s will not beat me. I focus on breathing techniques and listen to music until I can exercise. One of the many ways I fight back is exercise. Parkinson’s does not care if you are lethargic, cold, hungry, rain or shine I will fight back.

I will exercise!!!

written by Christian Banda

Parkinson's Place