What’s Possible?? Fatigue and Parkinson’s!!

What’s possible?? Fatigue and Parkinson’s!! 

I don't understand why my energy level varies so much.  Some days my legs feel dead and jogging takes an effort.  Yesterday I was exhausted after jogging on Tuesday, but today I felt strong and had a good 50 minute trail run. So frustrating when tired!!! Parkinson’s is unique to the individual and I can’t speak for everyone, however I can share my personal experience with PD. 

Fatigue can strike at any time. We have Parkinson’s to thank for that. Fatigue kicks my butt when I don’t workout that day. When I feel fatigue trying to set in that’s when I’ll do 300 push-ups or 120 burpees. This primes my engine (heart and VO2Max) when my engine is prime I can run longer distances with no problem at all. I prefer trail running versus road running. It challenges your balance, stability and proprioception. Trail running is like life filled with chaos and there’s no such thing as running in a straight line. I live by this model: success does  not care  if you are cold, tired or hungry. It only cares about one thing results. I’m eight years into this unwanted condition and it has not slowed me down. I have diet and exercise to thank for this.  Currently I’m not considered a candidate for Levodopa or DBS. I’m well aware that I’m not considered the norm. But I’m humbled and honored to be considered a possibility for many recently diagnosed. I’m an example of what exercise can do to combat Parkinson’s from initial diagnosis. 

Living in the moment knowing that anything is possible. Many of us don’t get a chance to see the basic building blocks in action. The Foundation of action is developed day after day. The daily grind so to speak. The other day I was asked WHY I workout as often as I do, then compared themselves to me. I can never do what you do and have a hard time staying motivated. I explained to her that exercise is not just a hobby or fashionable trend it’s life in action. 

What ever you decide to do just keep fighting!! Keep Moving!! A journey of thousand miles begins with one single step. Day after Day keep grinding before you know that foundation will be established. 


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