Hope is a buzzword that can elicit both positive and negative emotions. But what exactly is hope? There may be some general consensus, but it may very well depend on who you ask and when you ask the question. I “hope” there will be a cure for Parkinson’s one day (and Alzheimer ‘s, and cancer...). I also hope my favorite team will win the championship or that I will wake up in the morning and my house will miraculously be clean (occasionally it is, thanks Pat). Hope can be small and hope can be big. But one thing is for certain, we should never lose it.

In preparation for the World Parkinsons Congress in Kyoto, Japan in 2019, a project called Soaring with Hope for Parkinsons has been created. The goal is for people with Parkinson’s (or others who are impacted) to make 10,000 paper origami cranes along with a written message of hope. Each crane will have a message of hope printed on it and will be strung together to create a display of strength and hope that will be displayed in Kyoto. The vision of so many messages of hope written by both people with Parkinsons and others who love and support them gives me... well, hope. Our collective strength and vision of a better tomorrow cannot be underestimated.

Take a look at the Soaring with Hope website (http://soaringwithhope4pd.org) and stay tuned for a Soaring with Hope crane making party nearby.

— written by Cidney Donahoo

Parkinson's Place